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Renewable energy pioneer, Cannon Power Group, featured in the New York Times and on PBS


Given your interest in renewable energy, business leadership and innovation, consider Cannon Power Group as a source for your energy and green business news coverage and articles on the latest industry trends. The company – a newsmaker and industry trendsetter – is motivated by novel solutions that have changed the way energy is acquired and the economic engine that follows. As a global pioneer in the industry with a 33 year history and one of the last remaining independent renewable energy companies, Cannon Power Group has witnessed first-hand the natural synchronization of renewable energy projects and economic growth.

Renewable energy holds the promise of an economic and environmentally sound future. The New York Times investigated the economic benefits of Cannon Power Group’s wind farm project in a rural American community. The project is an economic driver for a local nonprofit art museum which the American Wind Energy Association believes is the first-of-its-kind partnership in the United States.

As a solution for growing 21st century energy demands, a large-scale wind farm harnesses energy independence, is a sustainable and clean source of power and holds the opportunity for a strong green economy. PBS spent the last year investigating the United States’ energy structure in addition to the country’s food, transportation and manufacturing operations. The four-part documentary series called AMERICA REVEALED is an “epic journey and aerial look at the complex networks and systems that keep America running.”

On April 25, “Electric Nation”, the episode on energy featured Cannon Power Group’s 500 MW Windy Point/Windy Flats wind farm located along the majestic Columbia River in Washington State.

The company’s measurement of success for developing the Windy Point/Windy Flats project – and the many other projects they’ve developed and operated all over the world – has been providing sources of clean energy and establishing valued partnerships with local communities.

This is a model they will follow while exploring existing markets to develop new projects and consider regions without an established industry.

In addition to watching Cannon Power Group’s project on PBS, and reading about their extraordinary partnership covered by the New York Times, we hope you find the attached company report useful in understanding their other recent achievements and objectives going into the next year.

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