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Findings of PPIC Poll Released Today

San Diego, CA – According to the poll released today by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), not only do Californians recognize air pollution and global warming as major environmental and health threats, they believe we can and should take action now to improve air quality and support alternate sources of energy to do so.

Specifically, PPIC reports that:

  • Half of Californians (52%) say global warming is a very serious threat to the state’s economy and quality of life;
  • Eight in 10 (80%) believe steps should be taken right away, a percentage that has increased seven points since 2003;
  • Nearly six in 10 (57%) say the state should take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions right away;
  • More than eight in 10 Californians (83%) support federal funding for research on renewable technologies, such as wind, solar, and hydrogen.

“Californians will be heartened to learn that companies like Cannon Power Group are working to bring new renewable sources online,” said Gary Hardke, president of Cannon Power Group.

“Cannon currently has more than 3,000 MW of wind projects and more than 2,000 MW of utility-scale solar projects in development – enough to supply over one million households with electricity for one year. “

San Diego-based Cannon is uniquely qualified to play a critical role in meeting California’s energy goals. For 26 years Cannon has developed, constructed, operated, and maintained more than 30 utility-scale wind and solar energy projects in the U.S. India, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Croatia. In 2007, Cannon established it solar project division, Cannon Solar Partners, LLC. Current projects include the Aubanel wind and solar project in Baja Mexico, Windy Point/Windy Flats project in the state of Washington and Lucerne Valley solar project in San Bernardino County.

Few have been in the renewable energy industry as long as Cannon. In addition to providing more information about their current projects, Cannon can offer unique insight and background on the industry, evolving technologies and new opportunities. For more information, please visit www.cannonpowergroup.com.