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California leading on climate-change work with China, Gov. Brown says

The Associated Press
March 4, 2015

Gov. Jerry Brown touted California’s cooperation with China on climate change Wednesday, pointing to more than a dozen accords on sharing training and knowledge for cleaner energy.

While partisan disputes in Washington have limited federal progress to slow greenhouse-gas emissions and climate change, California has “helped foster the political climate that gets stuff done,” Brown said in San Francisco.

“It’s a little bold” to speak “as though we were a separate nation,” Brown said of California’sinitiatives with China. “But we are a separate nation.”

Brown, who is pushing a goal of 50-percent renewable energy for his own state, has also sought to build clean-energy cooperation and business ties with China and other countries. He and Chinese officials signed a pact in 2013 on reducing carbon emissions.

China also has been cited as a possible source of private investment for one of Brown’s priority projects, the proposed $68 billion high-speed rail project. The governor traveled with Chinese rail officials on his trade mission there in 2013 and met privately with potential Chinese high-speed rail investors.

Brown spoke for the release of a privately funded report outlining collaboration on research and training between Chinese officials and state officials, academics and environmentalists in California.