Project Videos

A new two-part video series about the Windy Point/Windy Flats (WP/WF) wind farm project in Goldendale, Washington shows the economic boost brought to the local community from Cannon Power Group’s wind farm.

Video one: Wind power is an economic engine for a rural American community

Learn about the rural town of Goldendale in Klickitat County, WA where members of this formerly struggling community now refer to Cannon Power Group's Wind Farm as their own town's saving grace.

Goldendale residents tell the story of how wind energy changed the dynamics of their town and the surrounding region to breathe new life into their local economy. Like many small towns in rural America, Goldendale had been a community where for many of the younger members of its families, job opportunities lay elsewhere. With the WP/WF project, Cannon Power Group has helped to change that economic equation by generating hundreds of new jobs and relying primarily on local businesses for support.

The capital investment in Klickitat County from the project already exceeds $1 billion to date.

Video Two: Cannon Power Group is a leader in financing wind energy projects

Learn how Cannon Power Group, during challenging economic conditions, successfully financed the development of WP/WF, one of the largest wind energy projects in the United States.

The wind farm’s array of turbines spans 30 miles along the Columbia River ridgeline and will produce 500 megawatts (MW) of renewable power at its completion. Each turbine was manufactured by Siemens and collectively generate enough clean electricity for over 250,000 households per year.